Earth is the Second planet from Solarus, the densest planet in the Solarus System, the largest of the Solar System’s three terrestrial planets,

Terra’s Atmosphere is a rich Nitrogen-Oxygen atmosphere, with a surface gravity of 9.80 m/s. 60% of the surface is covered in Water, and the world is dominated by two large Continents, Devonia and Xhingia. Terra has two Moons, Lune , a large rocky, barren moon, and Luos, a smaller moon orbiting eccentrically.

Scientists have determined that a large percentage of life was “seeded” to Terra, including Humanity. Approximately 60% of life on the planet share a similar DNA Structure, while the remaining have a different origins. It is unknown what caused this, weather Divine Intervention or some sort of quantum event, but Scientists have marked it to somewhere 2 Million years into the past.




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